vluchtschema Chili reis 2007

Dag 26
Temuco10:30LA 0230
Santiago14:00LA 570403:30
Madrid08:50LA 571818:20

  • Schiphol Amsterdam
  • Vliegveld Madrid
  • Vliegveld Santiago de Chile
  • Vliegveld Antofagasta
  • Paaseiland Internationaal vliegveld
  • Vliegveld Punta Arenas
  • Vliegveld Punta Montt
  • Vliegveld Temuco /Maquehue


Airport Santiago de Chile

Using a laptop with Wifi card. A few pricey options but the LAN signal was free but coverage very bad. I am not sure sure the signal is meant for the general public. Best signal was around gate 10. Powepoints on walls accross from chairs on busy pathways so beware. There are numerous but bring plug adapter. No public internet access terminals and few public phones. Very comfortable airport but very few shopping, duty free selection. Beware of duty limits if returning to Europe or States.

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