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Rapa Nui travel

We were definitely not impressed by the capabilities of this tour operator. The main problem might be that we got of with a wrong start. Barely arrived on the island, we were told (not asked or anything remotely polite) that our last day tour was rescheduled for this afternoon, with little time to get settled in the hotel en get some rest. As we got up at 03:00 ( Easter island time) and head been travelling al morning, arrived at 13:00 and having the tour on 15:00 it was difficult to enjoy the mystics of island, quite tired as we where. The main guide proved himself. Rapa Nui Travel probably had good reasons to reschedule the tours, the large cruise-ship on friday or whatever else, it was definitely not beneficial for our first impression of the island or Rapa Nui Travel. The quite oldish touring bus did help to give us the feeling of being rather unwelcome customers, while the company had very nice buses for the more delicate guests.

Our actual guide appeared as he has been enjoying the powers of his herbal garden a bit too much; the guy had a rich fantasy, mixing the little know facts about the cultís, with the many theories and his own imagination. Most annoying was that he presented his thoughts as the only truth. Sure the scientists can be wrong, but so could he. As a follow member of our group mentioned: He should read his books

The next day he seemed a bit sobered up , after all he was a quite nice and funny guy, but appeared to be fed up with al those stupid tourists and questions again and again.

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